Nekojishi Voice Pack - Chinese

Nekojishi Voice Pack – Chinese

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Product Description

The long-awaited voice pack for Nekojishi is now here!

Ever wanted to hear Leopard’s stammering confession, Senpai’s love ’em or hate ’em antics, or Tiger’s astonishment that you haven’t cleaned your room for a week? Now you can stop imagining the voice of your Mr. Right and start listening with the Nekojishi Voice Pack!


  • The Nekojishi Voice Pack adds full Chinese voice acting for the game.


Note: Nekojishi Voice Pack – Chinese can be used regardless of what language you play the game in.


Installation Instructions:

  • Windows: Unzip the file into <Nekojishi game directory>/game/
  • Mac: Right-click the app and click “Show Package Contents”, from there copy the file into Contents/Resources/autorun/game/
  • You must have Nekojishi on your computer before installing Nekojishi Voice Pack – Chinese


※You must have Nekojishi on your computer before installing the voice pack※